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Conflict resolution is about more than improving communication. It’s about empowering companies, teams and individuals to find opportunity in the face of difficulty. With our calm, caring and unbiased approach, we get to the heart of any underlying issues. By facilitating communication and alignment, we allow every situation to unfold in ways that are most likely to result in lasting change.



Resolution requires being willing to see the other person's perspective, acknowledging that your view isn’t always the only view and committing to a mutually beneficial outcome. There is never a single right answer.

“Our role is to focus on the process of transformation, not to decide what the transformation should be. The outcome is up to the participants; our role is to guide them through the process toward agreement.”

– Hilary Bendon 

Mediation & Facilitated Dialogue



Mediation and facilitated conversations provide an opportunity to resolve conflict in a way that minimizes contention and allows each individual to share their perspective and be heard. This process enables the parties to reach a resolution that works for all.

Leadership Teams - When leadership teams face challenges, we provide interventions to help the team become more effective and focused.

Groups - When individuals have conflict, we facilitate a conversation or mediate to create agreements around better ways of working together.

Leadership - We help leadership teams build skills in giving and receiving feedback, running effective meetings, planning strategically and tactically, and organizing themselves and their workforce for optimum effectiveness.


Team -  We help teams determine the individual strengths of the team members, the needs of the group and tools for maximizing effectiveness.

Executives - Executive and management conflict coaching enables managers and executives to lead their teams better and minimize harmful conflict within their teams.

Individuals - Individual conflict coaching offers strategies and techniques to help minimize negative conflict, recognize emotions in the moment and manage those emotions for positive outcomes.

Peace Partner

As a Peace Partner, we provide independent, impartial, informal and confidential assistance to managers, employees, clients or other stakeholders. We’ll work to explore and determine the best options to resolve disagreement, discord and disputes.

Cultural Assessments

A culture assessment provides a comprehensive look into your organizational culture, revealing what’s working and what systemic issues exist that need to be addressed. We also provide tried and true recommendations for enacting change.

Strategic Planning

When organizations seek to strengthen their culture and to grow their business, we guide them through the development of a Strategic Framework and an Action Plan to implement the identified outcomes.

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