Our Founder, Hilary Bendon

Hilary has a passion for empowering people to transform conflict into opportunity. She believes in focusing on the human side of things and knows individuals need to find an answer that works for them. Using her decades of experience studying conflict and the underlying causes, she empowers companies, teams and individuals to forge a productive path forward.

How we help

HXB LLC is an independent resource for resolving conflict in your organization. We use mediation, facilitation and coaching to help your employees deal with discord, disagreement and disputes. Working with employee/employee, leader/employee, and leader/leader conflict, we resolve active conflict and offer follow-up services to help employees and leaders better deal with conflict in the future. Conflict is unavoidable. It’s how you deal with it that makes all the difference. HXB is The Path Forward to resolution. Contact HXB if your company has employees in conflict, and you want to increase productivity and employee engagement and protect your organization against liability.

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Who we serve

Small to mid-sized businesses, with 5 - 1,500 employees. We partner with owners, executives, & Human Resources to solve issues that impact business success.

The Services We Offer


When there is active conflict in your organization, we work together with you

to resolve it.


When your employees and teams struggle with communication and conflict, we help them learn to 

Do Conflict Well!

Workplace Ombuds

HXB engages monthly as an ongoing resource for your employees.

When your employees and leaders experience discord, disagreement, and disputes, the Ombuds provides a release valve outside the formal complaint system for the pressure which builds up.